"One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things." Henry Miller

GeckoWorkshops Photographic Journeys

GeckoWorkshops Photography Expeditions combine the art of travel with that of photography: each of our journeys is a unique voyage of discovery offering the opportunity to learn and practise photography whilst exploring some of the finest destinations in India.

Inspired by assignments, years on the road, and a genuine desire to share the wonders - and challenges - of picture making, our journeys afford participants a real insight into the working methods of professional photographers and offer access to a wealth of spectacular, photographic opportunities across a range of subjects, cultures, and natural environments.

Timed to coincide with significant cultural or natural events, which lend themselves to complex photographic exploration, GeckoWorkshops Expeditions in India are true photographic adventures. Our itineraries run throughout the year, and cover distinct areas of the subcontinent, from the Himalayan region of Ladakh, in the far north, to Kerala, on the shores of the Indian Ocean, in the south.

Though our destinations are many and varied, we travel to them with the single purpose of finding new ways of seeing, and enabling every photographer on our workshops to document the journey in their own, distinctive, style.

To minimize our impact on the environment and maximize our photographic opportunities, we travel only in small groups - this ensures that each participant receives the attention they need to develop at their own pace, and enables each group to travel unobtrusively, enjoying genuine contact with the places and communities we photograph.

Limiting the number of participants on each workshop also enables us to accommodate for varying levels of experience within the group, so our workshops are equally well-suited for beginners and experienced photographers.

Whether you would like to develop or refine a photographic portfolio, gather first-hand experience of travel photography, or simply learn how to use your camera effectively, our Expeditions offer you the opportunity to capture a range of stunning images.

Our photographic journeys are the result of many years of travelling and making pictures; they are more than just an opportunity to travel, learn and meet new people: they are also, a great deal of fun - a way of coming face with one of the oldest civilizations on the planet, in the company of professional photographers who consider their role as tutors to be as important as their ability to craft professional images.

Expeditions run on intensive shooting schedules and are intended to foster an understanding of this vast and immensely photogenic country. As the itineraries encompass an array of cultures, customs and environments within India, they form an excellent introduction to travelling and photographing in Asia; they are equally suitable for photographers who want to return to India, to explore particular aspects of this multifaceted land.

Most Expeditions last around 12 days, but longer journeys are also possible. To learn more about our photography Expeditions in India please click here

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